Prior to offering consulting full-time, Bob's career earned him a reputation for attaining goals, ethical work, finding creative solutions and being a servant leader. These traits have led Bob to be recruited to join teams in business and community development, giving him a wide variety of experiences.


For nearly three decades, Bob's career centered around the communications industry, primarily building profitable broadcast entities. A graduate of the National Association of Broadcasters Executive Development Program at Georgetown University, Bob grew from a mid-level manager to senior management working with dedicated single-market owners as well as with the largest radio broadcast company in the country. He has led entities in different local markets through significant sales growth, ratings leadership, national awards and significant increases in value of the various properties.

Experience gained during this time included Sales and Marketing, Merger & Acquisition management and Leadership Evolution.


Because of his desire to see improved school facilities, Bob began working with the Wichita Falls Independent School District as part of a team reviewing existing structures. In 2004 he was then asked to join the Board of Trustees for the district, appointed to his seat from a field of seven candidates. Since that time he has stood for re-election every four years and has never drawn an opponent.

Once on the school board, Bob has served in every Officer position, leading the board through a CEO search during his term as president. He has served on the Audit Committee since coming on the board and has been influential in developing policies and practices for better personnel management and active vendor management, while focusing considerable attention to bettering education outcomes and efforts to close an achievement gap between various socio-economic groups of students. The district has an annual budget in excess of $130,000,000.00; is the employer of choice for nearly 2,000 area residents; and works to make lifelong learners of over 14,000 students.

During his local school board tenure, Bob was also selected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) for over five years. He served multiple terms as Vice-Chair of the Finance and Budget committee, spending the majority of his time working on annual budgets exceeding $50,000,000.00 and the association's sizable investment portfolio.

Key experiences through this time have included Organizational Development, Leadership Evolution, Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence Identification, Process Improvement and Marketing Plan Construction.


Due to his extensive marketing and management experience, Bob was asked to join the Board of Directors of a 199 bed full-service hospital, which at the time was part of one of the nation's largest healthcare systems.

Prior to this appointment, Bob served for many years as a marketing adviser for another full-service community hospital.

Experience gained in this sector include Marketing Plan Construction, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning,

Healthcare Equipment

Recruited by private equity to lead their internet sales-based capital equipment entity, Bob led efforts that greatly improved the company's online reputation through enhanced Customer Service protocols and a new, transparent customer reporting process. Efforts to transform the bottom line included a revised operational workplan that resulted in a 30% reduction in headcount, giving the company the ability to enter a new line of business that opened up a highly repeatable sales process. Bob also led the work of identifying potential new owners. The project came to a conclusion after several nationwide suitors were vetted and a successful transition was completed.

Experiences here focused on Business Development, Customer Service, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Planning


The entrepreneur owner of several manufacturing entities with growing pains brought Bob onboard with a primary focus on Organizational Development. He successfully developed a company leader and management team, as well as managing all aspects of human resources, accounting and marketing. Major accomplishments included instilling a cadence of reporting with a Business Review process; leading several Merger & Acquisition projects, personally mentoring senior managers, developing large-scale recruiting events and an overall career-development system for all levels of employees.

Experiences here included Business Intelligence Identification, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Merger & Acquisition Management, Marketing Plan Construction and Project Management.

Charitable and Community Entities

Numerous community, religious and educational organizations have included Bob in governance positions over the years. These entities are as diverse as chambers of commerce, professional orchestras, school systems, churches and more.

His positions with these organizations have given him opportunities that include negotiating union contracts, executive search, strategic planning, marketing plan construction, organizational development and more.


The owner of a single storefront franchise business was closing the doors just ahead of bankruptcy. Bob and his family purchased the assets, re-branded the business, invested in a fresh mix of merchandise, added a strong online and media marketing presence and within one year had moved the bottom line from red to black.

By the second year, their primary product line was asking them to expand to nearby markets. Expansion proved that lightening could strike twice, with business and profits soaring, with same store sales consistently growing over the life of the business.

Experiences gained here included Merger & Acquisition Management, Marketing Plan development, Business Intelligence Identification and Strategic Planning.


As Business Development Director for a niche relocation and transportation company, Bob developed deep relationships with partner firms for reselling opportunities within an inbound call center, and developed a Corporate Account level of service, both of which contributed to the company's overall 30% year over year growth for multiple years.

Experience here focused on Project Management, Marketing Plan Construction, Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence Identification.