Business Cases shown below are recent real-life examples of the work that Bob has accomplished, offered here to help you understand the breadth of services available.

People Management

A successful small business owner had built a great staff who were operationally growing the company at a comfortable pace. The business was profitable enough the owner didn't feel the need to be in the office forty hours a week, but bench strength for the next level of leadership was lacking. Bob worked with the owner to help pinpoint potential growth areas for current staff, as well as identifying and helping to recruit a new experienced leader to fill the void and help grow the business.

A medium-sized manufacturer faced big changes with one senior leader leaving the organization and several others looking at retirement in the not too distant future. Bob was brought in by the board of directors to address group dynamics and organizational culture, enhance systems and protocols, assist staff with product development techniques in an effort to keep sales growth on track, work with executives to identify new leadership and build a succession plan to start filling the gap that exists now, while keeping an eye on the needs of the future.

When operational costs continued to eat into margin, a small manufacturer was faced with tough choices. Bob worked with the management team to identify jobs that entailed similar skill sets and a "move to the work" philosophy that would not hamper production schedules but utilize a smaller workforce. Through a series of smart hires, consistent production management, and a revised goal and bonus system, total workforce was reduced by 30% over a twelve-month period, giving the company leadership the additional margins needed to expand their lines of business and grow top-line sales.

Somewhere between 70% to 90% of Mergers and Acquisitions fail, but failure was not an option when two entities were already jointly owned, but managed separately merged into one company. Leading the M&A activities, Bob brought together cross-functional teams with representatives from each entity to develop a common production stream, a joint sales team to take advantage of broader offerings, combined training for supervisors, as well as training on how each business unit fit into the bigger picture and new company-wide goals. The merger was a success with the company continuing their growth and developing external M&A targets as well.

The day-to-day leader of a manufacturing entity was having great success in growing the business due in large part to his detailed production knowledge. Starting out with less than ten employees, the team found themselves completing multiple jobs. As sales increased, the company headcount continued to grow, but with more people came more issues that the leader was not adept at managing: people problems. Bob was brought on to the team as an executive coach to develop this leader through building his capacity for seeing issues from multiple angles, cultural differences awareness, and emotional awareness. The leader grew and was promoted to President of the company and continues growing the firm to this day.

Business Development

An Oklahoma-based entrepreneur has developed an efficient system for processing thousands of government employee specialty purchases, coordinating services with vendors, and fulfilling orders for all purchasers within a 48 hour period. The entrepreneur would now like to replicate the service at government installations across the country and has utilized Bob to identify the decision-makers at other locations, speeding up the process of opening the door to their team to present their time-saving system.

Starting a new business can be very time consuming. As an investor was contemplating a venture into an established B2B channel, they needed to understand the competitive landscape. Bob was brought in to identify existing competitors and their capabilities, producing a report with interactive maps, an extensive database, and additional materials specific to the industry to assist the investor in gaining a better understanding of the landscape. The final report elicited the following response: "Wow! What a great report!!! Wowza! Thank you so much for this."

Project Management

An Illinois-based non-profit organization faced a monumental task of creating a single database out of 30 separate files, containing over 200,000 data points. Additionally they needed a website, with complete e-commerce functionality.

Bob took on the project addressing the multiple needs in a timely manner.

  • The databases were merged and standardized giving the owners a single database of the over 13,000 members and 16 possible data points for each record.

  • The new database was then incorporated into their new e-commerce system, tracking financial transactions and purchase information.

  • A new website was built that allowed members to update their records and make purchases and payments.

  • A separate management portal was built to :

    • Report real-time on all purchases and funds collected

    • Give multiple search criteria reports to find specific member data

    • Be the basis for communicating with membership via the most accurate and up-to-date contact information

Training for new techniques with your own employees can be trying. The issues grow exponentially when those employees are scattered across the country and actually work for your partner vendors. When those new techniques are not followed, your company is still the one dealing with the upset customer. Bob developed and implemented training programs where the new techniques were taught. Different learning skills were considered in the development that included virtual learning, live-action video and other graphics, printed jobsite booklets, and finally competitions based on the skills were implemented to increase the hands-on opportunities to improve while rewarding those who were excelling at the process.


Potential attendees for a community-wide event received coordinated messages via email blasts, US Mail and a website all managed by Bob. Through our creative solutions for the mailing process, the organization realized significant savings through reduced preparation time as well as mailing costs.

A business coach builds his nationwide following through live online events. Bob develops the messaging that is used for email blasts and advertising on social media, driving interested customers to the registration website or directly to the Virtual meetings. Varying messages are transmitted, depending on which stage of buying that customer is in, and what next step we want for that customer.

The Executive Director of a non-profit agency was seeking assistance with human resources policy and governance issues, as well as how best to communicate effectively with all parties. With a very tight timetable required, Bob was able to digest the issues, a recent audit, and existing policy and procedures and then craft responses to audit findings, assist the stakeholders with a better understanding of the complex issues, as well as developing communications targeted at community partners and funding sources so all had a more thorough and better understanding of the issues.

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