Concise commentary on today's issues about

People, Processes and Product Development

If you...

...are wearing too many hats and can't find enough time for everything

...are concerned the staff you do have could be missing some important compliance issues or timelines and end up costing your company some substantial fines

...have needs in several areas that need to be addressed, but don't feel like you can add to your full-time headcount at this time?

I've got solutions to these and many more issues that small and medium-sized businesses face everyday, so maybe we should talk!

Bob Payton Consulting is ready to work with a limited number of clients that need fractional or project-based help.

Where do you need the help?

  • Addressing your people problems, from recruiting, on-boarding, investigations, benefits or compliance, I am a Senior Certified Professional, with the skills and knowledge that you need on your team.

  • Developing strong communications written for internal or external audiences.

  • Analyzing your product and marketing efforts to bring alignment, remove constraints to success, and help your team move the needle in the right direction.

  • Confidential assistance with senior-level issues including succession plans, M&A opportunities or recruiting the experience your team needs for the future.

Whether your need is just a few hours a month, or help with a limited project, I'll bring the enthusiasm, hard work, and senior-level experience you just don't find in today's market.

Let's talk about how we can address your biggest headaches! Call or text me at 940.782.6090 or reply to this message so we can get started.