Bob Payton Consulting enhances the organizational growth of small and medium sized entities by adding fractional capacity to Human Resources, Business Development, Communications and Marketing. Bob is an accomplished C-suite leader and senior advisor experienced in B2B, B2C, and non-profit models across a diverse range of industries.

Why partner with Bob Payton Consulting?

Bob Payton Consulting lets you keep your team focused on your operational objectives, while utilizing our services to advance the work on important initiatives. Bob's C-Suite experience in multiple channels of business and non-profits minimizes the time needed to understand your industry's unique positioning.

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How does Bob Payton Consulting work with my organization?

Many different ways!

  • We come along beside your present staff and assist in needed development or limited projects.

  • We work with your leadership team to facilitate strategic planning initiatives.

  • We lead the training and development that your team needs for compliance, safety or focused areas of growth.

  • We are that confidential partner utilized to explore a merger, acquisition, new strategic opportunity or an exit strategy.

  • Engagements are available as an on-going fractional partner, project-based or by billable hours, which ever fits best with your needs.

Bob Payton is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). That is a lot of letters! Find out what it means by clicking here.

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In addition to HR services, the value our clients receive from Bob Payton Consulting really shines through in the following areas:

  • Process Management

    • Designing, developing or reviewing to improve the processes within your organization. We look to optimize process flow, remove constraints, reduce variability, improve operating capabilities, lower costs, add value or help ensure client and employee satisfaction and safety.

  • Product Development

    • In marketing, they call it "The Four Ps" - product, place, price, and promotion. Is your organization knocking it out of the park in all of these areas? If not, we should talk.

  • Communications

    • There are so many facets of communications where we see organizations needing help. Whether it is showing your customers how your product will add value or reminding your employees of how valued and needed they are, Bob has been writing for verbal and written presentations for decades. Business letters, product brochures, websites, training and development materials, political advocacy, electronic graphics, email blasts, mass and social media messaging. Any issue or any message, let us show you what we can do!

  • Organizational Development

    • To use the Jim Collins analogy from the book Good to Great - do you have the right people in the right seats on the bus? As organizations mature, there are times of growth and times to look at managing with less. Bob has been there and can be the impartial fresh set of eyes to review if people are being utilized to their best or if changes need to be made. It may be time to consider more standardization of the various jobs within your organization or maybe there is a need for succession planning. We have been involved in all of these and enjoy developing the unique outcomes that are custom-made to fit specifically for your organization.